Cloud Backup Services For Small Business : All You Need to know!

Want to learn about the best cloud backup services for small businesses? You’re at the right place. Here we will cover everything about the cloud backup services that you can use for your business…

What is Cloud Backup Services For Small Businesses?

Why are Cloud backup services important for the functioning of any small business? As the data of any company must be handled carefully. Loss of data may devastate the progress of your company. More the data generated, there will be more locations and devices. This will form a complex structure to handle and any wound in data will stop your whole business as if the information will not be shared with your employees, they can’t be able to perform their work and your vendors will not get your services properly.

So, a cloud backup solution provides greater security to your business including the recovery of your data loss.  It protects your data from being damaged and makes your business run more efficiently. With the help of Cloud backup services, you can easily get back to your business even after a loss in no time.

Benefits of cloud backup services

There are a lot of benefits of using cloud backup services for small businesses. As the risk of data loss becomes high when we deal with several servers at a time, for this we need to strongly manage our data so that the complexities can easily be covered. If you are using cloud backup services, then it will provide strong protection to your small businesses. Cloud backup solutions increase server security and even are helpful in disaster recovery.

Mostly, if any company is facing a data loss or any disaster then it becomes quite harder for those companies to catch speed again after such loss, but due to cloud backup services, your business can regain its position and recover its data without taking a longer time duration. That is why cloud backup services are important for any small business. It also prevents ransom attacks on your data and protects your small business. It makes your business more agile and efficient due to which you can gain more users.

Cloud backup services are affordable, so small businesses that don’t have a large IT budget can easily switch to them.

As the data is present in a cloud so it allows your customers to access data anytime and even anywhere. It is reliable, simple, and a fantastic way to keep your data safe.

Best cloud services for small business

Cloud Backup Services for Small Business

 There’s a lot of cloud services in the market which is considered to be the best. Some of them which are highly rated can be seen here.


Carbonite is the most popular backup cloud service among others and it is known to be the best for a reason. It is widely used in small businesses as it provides unlimited storage with high security, which is a need of any fast-growing business. If you are conscious about your data security and any disaster then you must choose carbonite as a cloud backup service as it provides security against disaster. It is very easy to use and more reliable.


Backblaze is also a popular backup cloud service in small businesses. It is also easy to use and offers unlimited storage for your data. Being manual and automated both, it becomes easy for us to exclude the unwanted files and folders from our data. It is a low budget backup service that performs a highly rated function.


IDrive does not provide unlimited storage for your data. It’s storage runs from 250GB to12.5TB for bigger operations. IDrive protects your data and end-to-end Encrypted. In this, you only have to pay for the storage you have used. It provides fast recovery of your data if you have gone through any loss.


Egnyte is best known for its low prices starting from just $8 and its services are widely used for collaboration. It provides flexible and scalable plans for small businesses. It also offers several online resources like web miners & live training.


Open drive offers you to have complete control over your data. The drawback of an open drive is that it cannot allow you to exclude any unwanted file or folder or include any data or file type. But it has an amazing feature that it can store the files & folders up to 90 days even after deleting them from the main data in the recycle bin. It becomes easy to get back your data even after deleting it if you have deleted some useful files or folders by mistake.


Acronis has the latest and advanced features added to it but it does not provide unlimited storage. The maximum storage it can have is 5TB. So, while using Acronis you must be careful about the storage. You can have options in it to add any extra file or folder into the backup, reminding the available space. Acronis is known to be the best for its security reasons as it will secure your data from any disaster.

The Backup rule of cloud backup

Many people consider the Back-Up rule of 3 as it is the best strategy to protect data loss. As many companies had to suffer from disaster or stolen data so, the backup rule of 3 offers the data protection up to a level that includes the saving of data in 3 copies from which one is primary data and 2 backups. The 2 backup copies are saved on different devices or storage media and the last copy of data kept offsite. This can be helpful during any data loss or unseen disaster.

How to choose the best backup cloud service for your business?

While choosing a backup cloud for your business you must go to the depth of these services. You can choose the one which is providing sufficient storage to store your data and must offer flexibility and scalability to your business. Security is the first demand for any company to set up their business, so the services must include security against any disaster and be able to backup and recover data loss. As the small businesses do not have a high IT Budget so, the cloud backup services must be on a budget-friendly plan.

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