Types Of Cloud Storage – All you need to know!

Most businesses are adopting cloud storage services. The main reason is that they need more capacity or elastic capacity. Cloud storage offers you a better way to manage storage at a cheap cost. The increasing amount of data and information in IT departments cause difficulty in managing and handling data. Cloud Storage offers a lot of services and helps you to grow your business more effectively. There are different types of Cloud Storage that enterprises and companies use according to their needs. In this article, we will discuss cloud storage, types of cloud storage, and some other topic related to it.

Cloud Storage

It can be defined as it is a remote platform that uses a virtualized, multi-tenant infrastructure to provide scalable storage resources to the organization. The amount of data increases with time. Storing data in physical devices can be expensive and challenging to manage.

Cloud Storage Working

Now we will discuss how cloud storage work. It involves at least one data server that a user connects. It automatically starts sending files, or the user also sends files manually over the Internet to the data server. Those data centers then forward the information to multiple servers. You can access the stored data through a web-based interface.

Types of Cloud Storage

types of cloud storage

There are mainly four cloud storage types:

  1. Personal cloud storage, 
  2. Private cloud storage, 
  3. Public cloud storage, 
  4. Hybrid cloud storage.

Personal cloud storage

It allows users to store their different personal data types include text, graphics, photos, video, and music. The user controls the device and can access it from anywhere via the Internet.

Private cloud storage

It uses on-premises storage servers. Users don’t have control over it like Personal Cloud Storage. The companies that own the cloud storage has all the power. Private clouds are mostly used by organizations that want the flexibility and scalability of cloud storage.

Public cloud storage

It is provided as a service by a third-party. For example, some popular public cloud storage providers are Amazon AWS Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage, and Google Cloud Storage. The cloud storage companies own, manage, maintain and build the infrastructure of public cloud storage.

Hybrid cloud storage

It is a combination of public cloud and private cloud to balance the need for securing mission. Hybrid Cloud Storage combines resources owned and managed by the enterprise with public cloud storage services operated by a third party.

Public vs. Private Cloud

Public and private clouds both offer you cloud storage and use almost the same technologies. However, there are some differences such as:

  • In public cloud storage, resources are owned and controlled by third-party service providers, whereas private cloud infrastructure is owned and controlled in-house.
  • You can upgrade in public cloud storage includes upgrades, but not in private clouds.
  • When we talk about security, then Private clouds are more reliable and secure than public clouds.
  • Public cloud storage replicates data, so no worries of a natural disaster, whereas a natural disaster could destroy private clouds.

Cloud Storage And Cloud Computing

Cloud storage helps users to save their data online. The user stores a copy of the data or files as a backup in cloud storage. So, if you ever lose original data or file, then a backup is available on the cloud. If someone lost their data, he could access cloud storage to get the duplicate files.

Cloud computing offers computing power and cloud memory as a service. Similarly, Cloud computing also provides access to applications via a virtual device.

Types Of Cloud Computing

Now, we will talk about the three types of Cloud Computing:

  1. PaaS (Platform as a Service) provides hardware and software tools over the internet, such as AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Azure, etc.
  2. SaaS (Software as a Service) offers software via a third-party over the internet, such as BigCommerce, Google Apps, etc.
  3. IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) offers storage, networking, and virtualization, for example, AWS EC2, Google Compute Engine, etc.

Types Of Cloud Storage Models

Now we will discuss the three types of cloud storage models:

  1. Instance storage: Virtual disks in the cloud
  2. Volume storage: SAN sans the physical
  3. Object storage: Web-scale NAS

Instance storage: Virtual disks in the cloud

The virtual disk storage (virtualized environment) model is viral. This model’s terminology is based on this very reason – instance storage (used like conventional virtual disks). Also, this storage can be implemented in numerous ways.

Note: Instance storage is a storage model, not a storage protocol.

Volume storage: SAN sans the physical

Volume storage or block storage supports operations like reading, writing, and keeping the system files running on virtual machines. Data is stored in structured blocks where files are split into equal-sized blocks. Each block has its address.

Object storage: Web-scale NAS

Object storage stores data as objects, while others go for a file hierarchy system. Each object or block consists of data, and each block has a unique identifier. Object storage is used to store different kinds of data, such as songs on audio apps, photos on social media, or online services. 

Best Cloud Storage Providers in 2021

We also make a list of the Five Best Cloud Storage Services in 2021 for you. Here we write few features of each Cloud Storage Provides. Read the full article from here – “Best Cloud Storage Services in 2021 | Top 5


  • Social media backups
  • Also, backups WordPress site
  • File versioning and rewinds (up to 30 days)
  • Upload photos, videos, and audio.
  • Document previews


  • Sync files between multiple devices,
  • Connect any number of devices.
  • Upload multiple files simultaneously
  • It saves 30 previous versions of your files
  • GDPR and HIPAA compliance

3/Google Drive

  • Retains deleted files
  • Files create with Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets don’t take up storage space. 
  • Back up smartphone photos
  • Preview images and videos
  • Also, invite others to view or edit files


  • Easy To Use 
  • Video & Voice Conferencing
  • MEGA’s Redundant Server Infrastructure
  • Automated Sync
  • Public Source Code 


  • Smart Sync On Unlimited devices
  • Mobile Offline Access
  • Link Sharing Features
  • Document Scanning Option
  • 30 Day Trial For Business Accounts

Final Thoughts…

In this article, we understand different types of Cloud Storage. Also, we learn about types of Cloud Computing, Types of Cloud Storage Models, and at the end, the top 5 cloud storage providers. If you have any questions about cloud storage, types, and cloud computing, please ask in the comment section. Thank You!!!

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